We will eliminate the worst part about laundry:
doing it.

Our Wash, Dry & Fold laundry service makes it easy to add typical laundry to your weekly pick-up & delivery route, or in-store drop off and pick-up! Our Cleaning Proffesionals sort, wash, dry, fold, and return your laundry…allowing you more time for other things.

First off, we weight your laundry, we separate the whites and colours, counting each item during the process to ensure that no item gets lost.

Your laundry will always be done according to label instructions and cleaned separately from other customers’ items.

Once we dry the clothes, we immediately fold and put back into your special Just Shirts Laundry Bag for either delivery or Pick Up.

Some of our time-saving services

This service includes all garments that don’t need to be pressed. Only $2.50 per lb!
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